The first barn salvaged

Neighbors were beginning to wonder what type of addition I was planning!

Like I say.  "One beam at a time".

Thanks to the O'Reilly clan for letting us grab a few.

"Building a break from it all.  One beam at a time."

Salvaged a few spikes to be handed out as well

​​I'm not the only one who has spent many hours in the chemo ward with someone they love.  So while sitting here by the window in pod #4 at the Ottawa General I would like to share our goal and expectations with you.

"We" are going to build a "shed" that will have a lake view, sleep no less than 6 and will absolutely have a separate kitchen facility.  You see, many chemo patients have a sensitivity to many cooking smells such as the frying of bacon as well as the roasting of a turkey.  Can you imagine that!

So this folks is why I have been salvaging a couple of barns.  "We" now have what is required to go ahead and build.  In fact most of the furnishings will be built of the materials I have salvaged.  Thank you Pinterest for some great ideas!

The "shed" will be available for 2-3 night stays at no charge to those invited or have requested some time away from the routine.  Or you may have been referred.  A $25 per day propane charge would seem fair however.

Rules of the "Shed"

You will be required to bring your own bed linens.  However the master bedroom will always be ready to go! And of course beds and mattresses supplied

You will be required to take away any garbage that you create. Bags will always be available

Try to clean up and do your dishes. will likely want to be invited back or request another stay eh!


Relax and enjoy.  It will be "our" pleasure being able to provide you and your family with a small break from the routine with no financial pressure!

"When you hit the dirt road it is like putting your mind and brain through a dishwasher."  Dan Grimes


I am always on the hunt for barn beams.  I only need 8 to frame a nice cabin to stay in.

You all have varied skill sets that can be used as well.


Mare:  Supplying chocolate and carrot cake.  Best ever!

Joe:      Wildlife photog.  Cabin included of course.

Scotty:  Plate some of those great meals you post at the "Shed"

General:  Put in a day and spend a night or two guys.......

So who qualifies for a stay or invite?

Well that's the shitty part eh.  Chemo patients and their families.  But that is also the great part as well.

And how about we include the staff who have cared for many of our loved ones and continue to do so.  So for those of you working inside the "pods" you're in!  When ready to go "we" will be in touch.


So as of July 25th, 2018 with 19 months to go of a 24 month project "we" have salvaged enough to build a few "sheds".

So the search is on for an existing structure to renovate and add on to or a vacant lot.  Lake front with access to a small meandering river for kayak or canoe trips if you feel up to it.  Surrounded by trails and old logging roads to bike into various lakes for the real outdoorsy type. 

Hmm....I think I know just the right spot.  I will keep all up to date.

Any thoughts or advice appreciated.  

Email me at:

Oh.  I will explain the value of receiving an old railway spike in the future.